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My name is Debbie.
Here is a little about me.

Many years ago, I picked up a camera and since then my life has revolved around producing images that connects and evoke emotions from you, the viewer. Situated between Brisbane and Gold Coast, this allows the flexibility here at DK Imagery to give a broader area to cover for your special moments whilst keeping the costs down and giving people the opportunity to get a professional photo shoot done.

Time and time again, I hear customers say they would love to get a portrait shoot but they hate their photo being taken. I strive to make the experience as easy and fun as possible. There is nothing like a natural smile or laugh in a photo versus an uncomfortable forced one.

As I have been involved in animal rescue for a number of years, it became a natural progression for me to volunteer to photograph dogs and cats for their adoption profile pictures to help them find their forever through Little Legs Dog and Cat Rescue. Whilst doing this, I realized this is where my heart and passion truly lies, capturing the wonder that is our dog and cat companions. So my focus nowadays is pet portraits while still volunteering to photograph the dog and cats that need a second chance.



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