Skye K

“Deb has photographed my dog Lexie several times over the last few years. And while there are not enough words to describe just how awesome a photoshoot with her is I am still going to try. Deb’s genuine love of animals combined with her passion and talent for her craft is unparalleled. The energy and enthusiasm she brings to a shoot makes the experience so much fun and also ensures your pet relaxes so she is able to create and capture the most precious moments. Deb has always been able to break through Lexie’s anxious and stand-offish nature to reveal and photograph her true and often hidden personality. During the shoot she makes your pet feel like the most important animal in the world and treats them like they are her own. Deb then meticulously works on the finishing touches of the photos, and often provides sneak peaks and sends a photo or two during this process. And when the whole set arrives, looking through them is the best and most heart-warming experience. I am so grateful to Deb for capturing Lexie’s sweet, gentle soul in the most beautiful photographs that I can treasure forever. ❤️”

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